Thursday, March 25, 2010


Hi Everyone,

FEAST is back by popular demand and this year promises to be even feastier. Last year, Mighty Meaty put together an awe inspiring run to the championship that we all remember as one of the greatest victories in sports history! In addition to the world class athleticism, there was also glow-in-the dark night frisbee, greased watermelons, beer pong, dance parties and much more that cannot be mentioned nor remembered.

This year's FEAST will be held on May 29-31 at Tiwi Beach and headquartered back at Swahili House, where we had such a great time last year. Monday, May 31st is Memorial Day for Americans and June 1st is Madaraka Day, so hopefully everyone has at least one of those days as a holiday.

As in year's past, teams will be organized to provide the greatest balance of skill levels based upon registration. This has worked out well the last three years and all games have been amazingly well matched.

More details regarding the format, rules, etc will be forthcoming.


As I mentioned, the HQ of the tournament will be Swahili House ( There are a limited number (23) spaces available to stay for Saturday (29th), Sunday (30th) and Monday (31st) nights. The cost per person/per night will depend on the level of room, but will range from 3,000 KES to 5,500 KES (staff all inclusive, self-catering). Room choices and availability will be allotted on a first come first serve basis. To confirm your spot in the house, kindly email Kaarli at and provide a deposit of KES 6,000 to Kaarli. We expect the available spaces to go fast, so for those in Nairobi who want a spot they should bring cash on Friday or Sunday to our regular game.

Alternatively, Twiga Lodge (, 100m down the beach from Swahili House, offers camping for which we don't need reservations (cost is 300 KES person/night - bring your own tent). They also have budget rooms available for KES 2,000/night and bigger rooms facing the sea, with breakfast, for KES 4,500/night. Contact +254 (0)721 577 614 to make reservations.

Other houses are available along the beach to rent: Contact Kenya Safari Homes for more information:

Hope everyone can make it!


Monday, February 02, 2009

FEAST housing

oy ye scurvy dogs,

Our minister of housing has some more information for you. We have already filled up Swahili House so currently the best other option is:

Twiga Lodge on Tiwi Beach ( contact +254 (0)721 577 614 to make reservations for a room (budget rooms are 2,000/- Kshs/person/night and bigger rooms facing the ocean are4,500/- Kshs/person/night inclusive of breakfast). You can also camp there -- no reservations are required for pitching your own tent: cost is 300/- Kshs/person/night. Twiga Lodge is 100m down the beach from Swahili House. Note that reservations ARE REQUIRED for the rooms and as of late last week rooms were still available.

I am still looking into other options but suggest that reservations are made at Twiga to secure a space for now if you want to ensure you have a room.

Thanks Stephanie!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

FEAST is on!

FEAST (Frisbee East Africa Sand Tournament)

Tiwi Beach, Kenya

April 11-12 2009 (Easter Weekend)

Format: 4 x 4 – with 6 Second Stalls

Surface: Beach

Divisions: Mixed

Level of play: All levels

Avast ye maties…

Time has come for some beach hucking! We are happy to host FEAST at Tiwi Beach. The festivities start Saturday at Swahili House on the beach ( We can accommodate up to 8 teams so please register ASAP.



Pirates Beach Booty Bash

Show some team spirit and dress for the occasion.


To register send us your Team's and Captain's names and transfer a team fee of US$280 via Paypal to Please contact Craig at with any questions of if alternate arrangements are necessary. Teams should not exceed 10 people. Fees cover: game food, first aid, security, water, Saturday night party (one drink and BBQ dinner included). The deadline for registration is March 20. Any profits go to charity.


The HQ of the tournament will be Swahili House. There are a limited number (18) spaces available to stay for Friday, Saturday and Sunday (cost per person is KES 3000/- night staff all inclusive, self-catering). These will be allotted on a first come first serve basis. To confirm your spot in the house kindly provide a deposit of one nights stay (per person) of KES 3,000 by February 6th. We expect the available spaces to go fast so for those in Nairobi who want a spot they should bring cash on Friday or Sunday to our regular game. For those outside of town you can send funds via PayPal to Craig ( for more information contact

There is camping available at Tiwi:

Twiga Lodge, 100m down the beach from Swahili House, offers camping for which we don't need reservations. They also have budget rooms available for KES2,000/- person/night and bigger rooms facing the sea, with breakfast, for KES4,500/- person/night.

Other houses are available along the beach to rent:

Contact Kenya Safari Homes for more information:

Please contact if you need help with a place to stay.


Air - April 10-13

1. Fly 540: total: 96 usd/ per person nbo-mba 6:45-7:55, 9:15-10:25, 15:00, 1605, 1940-2040 / mba-nbo 1315-1415, 1800-1900, 2100-2200

via Malindi, non-changeable, non-refundable.

ABC Place, Westlands, Nairobi Tel: 254 20 4453252 / 3/ 4 / 5 / 6 Mobile: +254 733 540540, Mobile: +254 722 540540

2. KQ: total:185-195 usd/ per person nbo-mba 600-700, 745-845, 830-930,1015-1115,1345-1445.1615-1715 / mba-nbo 1155-1255, 1525-1625, 1755-1855, 1940-2-40


Getting from Mombasa Airport to the house in Tiwi (one way):

Taxi (3-5 people) 3000 one way

Minibus (9 people) 3500 one way

Bus (18 people) 8000 one way


Mini-Bus for up to 25 people is 100$ per person, round trip Nairobi-Tiwi-Nairobi. Bus stays in Tiwi with us but would have to discuss local usage as extra. Voyage time approximately 8-9 hours.

To keep a vehicle & driver on standby:

Taxi (up to 7 people) 3500 per day + fuel (includes driver/car)


We will be regularly updating the Nairobi Ultimate Blog so keep checking in for updates:

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Regular Games

Hi Folks,
For the new folks who are finding us for the first time via this Blog let me just repost the basics:

We play every Friday at 16:30 and Sunday at 16:00. We play at the International School for Kenya (ISK) on the upper field. Its a very casual pick up game and its all about fun.

Its an informal coed game so bring your friends...the regulars will teach you all you need to know at the game. To get to ISK take Poponi Rd from Westlands toward Spring Valley. You will go past Thigiri Ridge Rd ...continue straight up the hill. You will come to a cross road with Ngecha....go straight. after about 1km you will see ISK on your right. Don't go into the main entrance. Instead keep driving straight (stay on the paved road) and follow the wall of the school up the hill. You will have to park on the outside of the gate (should be other cars there on the left). Head into the gate and walk to your left. you will see a playground before some fields....we'll be on those fields.

All adults are welcome!

Look forward to seeing you there!

To contact us just use our email

Thursday, April 03, 2008

This is it!!!! The NUFF 2008

Click on the doc to view it.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The NUFF 3rd edition!!!

Hello Kenya Ultimate scene!

The NUFF (Nairobi Ultimate Frisbee Fest) is returning again this year but this time with a new format!
The tournament will be held again at the ISK and pencil down May 24th,25th 2008 on your calendar.

Meaning a 7 a side tournie, full pitch, with Round Robin on Saturday followed up by a big Saturday night party.
Elimination round will follow on the Sunday.

The NUFF organizers are seeking for helpers at the moment.
If you are interested pls contact us.

More details to come on this blog.
Feel free to post comments.

Mandy, Joel and Dan.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Last Saturday the Nairobi Ultimate Frisbee Fest 2007 ( NUFF) was held on the ISK fields .

This year's edition (2nd) was a true success.

Nice jump!

Over 80 people played Ultimate and for about 20 of them it was their first time.
During the festivities, Ian, Kevin, Josée and Thomas ran a clinic for beginners which really helped newcomers in knowing the basics of the sport. It created a good environement for learning and integrating guys like the kids from Kibera who showed great spirit and amazing skills troughout!

It's under a clear sky that our 6 tribes played hard, fair and demonstrated great spirit.

The Samburus won the title 5-3 over the Luos in a very exhausting final!!!
Each team member of the Samburus received a Disc of the tournament for their victory.

Proud winners SAMBURU

The NUFF was able to raise 50 000 ksh for The NGO Carolina for Kibera which helps people in Kibera by providing health care, support to the population. CFK is also in the process of putting up a clinic in the area. 15 kids from CFK played with us and were very thankfull of our support. Thanks to Salim who organized the team!

Thanks again to our sponsors, T-Ana and Nairobi Java House for their financial support.
And thanks to Robert for a great poster!

Also a big thanks to all of those who helped in putting this together.
Bill, Maurice G, Thomas, Maurice O, David, Josée, Ian, Clo, Kevin S,

NUFF 2007 TD

Here are some more pix!!